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The dog looking down with a tight butt? The cobra with bare thighs? The mountain with breasts exposed? Or the headstand with slipped breasts? Naked yoga is the racer!
Naked yoga is - like everything in yoga - a question of posture. The yogis stretch and spread in the naked yoga namely as usual - only they devote themselves to the fish, the grasshopper or the yoga king discipline, the headstand, just completely naked.


If you've always wanted to try yoga naked, the following videos should help you release inhibitions and get a taste for it. Power yoga, kundalini yoga, hot yoga - the philosophical teachings from India are booming and constantly producing new variants: Naked Yoga is one of them. Clothes and inhibitions to show oneself as God created one have no place here. What the naked contorting brings, where it comes from and where you can practice it, here, in the free naked yoga video channel.

Is naked yoga also about sex?

No. As with so much in life, naked yoga depends on what you expect and what your goals are. It's just often a matter of context and perspective.

We humans cannot separate nudity and sexuality entirely. We must be aroused by what we find sexually attractive and desirable and sometimes the mere sight of a naked body arouses just this reaction (or erection ;-)). And that's a good thing, because otherwise we humans probably wouldn't exist for long.

So there are different motives and goals why one practices nude yoga or for example takes part in a nude yoga course with other naked people. If someone attends a course just to see other naked people, then he is probably wrong. Because he can also look at naked people online from home or at certain parties that are designed to do so.

As the thoroughly erotic DVD "Nude Yoga" proves, yoga is one of the most aesthetically pleasing sports in the world. Of course, beach volleyball still tops the lists of sexiest sports (not to be confused with the sports orgasm), but honestly, what sport besides nude yoga can you think of where the athletes are really completely naked?